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4118ccm云顶集团:Overcome difficulties, realize dreams

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The sky is bright, the sun shins in the sky, and the sport meeting comes excitingly. The children are all happy. You can see the smile on the face. Look at the athletes. They are all looking for the start. The audience are waiting eagerly.

There are a range of sports. They are long jump, one hundred meters jump, four hundred meter jumping and so on. The athletes are running so fast. As the race begin, the athletes all race out like arrows. They run quickly like leprous, strong like tigers ; faster, stronger, higher, the athletes do the best. They really do a good job. Though the sun shines brightly and they feel tired. They never give up. They fight for their class. They spare no efforts and they are all winners to some extent. You guys have a strong will, you will be stronger and braver. People who has a faith will realize his dream step by step in the future. We clap for you, your classmates cheer for you. The blue sky and the flying flag give you a big hand. We all praise you from the bottom of our heart.

All the students take active part in the sports meeting. They are energetic and enthusiastic. When some athletes lose the game, other students comfort them. They united as one person. They have a positive attitude towards failure. Price doesn’t always mean success. If one is eager to try his best and work hard, he is a successful person.

Sports meeting is really a good opportunity to improve students’ ability. It’s good for you to keep fit and develop a good relationship with classmates. We all appreciate that you overcome many difficulties and show the best of you to us.