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4118ccm云顶集团:We learn a lot from sporting meeting

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Every year, our school holds sports meeting before the national day. Which is one of the biggest activates each year in the school. Students are excited about it. They can watch the fantastic game without lessons for three days. But if you go around playground, you can see a great many students are reading books, doing exercises, reciting poems in the spare time. Students make good use of every minute to study. That’s why a lot of students are admitted by famous university every year. Since they love study, they know how to use time. Main teacher of each class accompany children for three days. A good sporting meeting result demands on students and teachers’ hard work.

Sports meeting brings me so many beautiful memories. As a teacher and an audience, I am so nervous when watching every athlete get to the final line. The athletes chase one by one, no one knows who is the champion until the last minute. Classmates yell loudly to cheer for the athlete from their class. It is exciting. But students all know that winning was not their only purpose. Friendship first, competition second. The most important was that they were happy in this activity. They all enjoy relaxation sports give them. They know sports is of great value to their health. After sport meeting, more and more students do sports regularly to build their body. What the students do after class is of great importance. I am sure they know how to keep fit from now on. Sports meeting have a deep effect on every student. Persistence helps one to achieve success. Cooperation is demanded in team work. They learn it from relay race. Each learns to go all out for his team and not for himself on the sports field, he will later find it’s natural to work for the good society, for the good of his country.